Clash of New is the improved new verson of Clash of Clans, which nobody likes. It is the only verson of Clash of Clans that has Clan Wars and is the only version of clash of clans that can be played at this time.


The Clash of Clans is busy or has become unstable. You can wait and see if it becomes available again, or you can restart The Clash of Clans and lose your village.

Tap the screen to continue _


The GoodEdit

  • Clan Wars
    • Improved Clan Wars
      • Watch the progress of a Clan War attack from the Clan War Menu. Not so good, isn't it?
      • Watch Clan War attacks in REEL-TIME before the attack is even over! How the real superstars of Clash of Clans learn how to play Clash of Clans.
  • Watch your village being attacked in ROLL-TIME before the attack is even over. We won't repeat this again.
  • Valkeries are way better, in fact, they are the new Hog Riders of Clash of Clans!

The BadEdit

  • Now Gems have so low of a value, it now takes over nine thousand! Gems to max out your base completely, which shows $upercell's greed. At least Builder's Huts cost the same.
  • Some thing happened to your Clan Castle, and now you can lose resources mysteriously without warning.
  • Clan Chat is now permanently lagging behind and is not showing messages from sooner than 5m behind.
  • So is "Global" Chat, which isn't even global yet, and has an unacceptable delay of 1m before a message actually shows up.

The RuinedEdit

  • THE ecoNomy is so hOrriBle in ClAsh of NEw, tHe cUrrent Us ECoNoMy is WaY betTeR than EcOnOmY in Clash of New.
  • The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen is so specialized, they are ruined and unusable! They were useful before the Firsf Real-Time update.

changes that we don't cake aboutEdit

  • Clash of Clans used to take place in the year 2016. Now the current year of Clash of Clans is the year 2000, thus changing from the third millennium to the second.